Saturday, August 23, 2014

Line Illuminator - Juho

( page 5,  line 12 ~ 13)
"He couldn't see, but his ears told him everything going on in the barrack room and especially in the corner his squads occupied."
This shows he is still in bed trying to wake up, but could hear what was going on in the room because he could hear. This shows he is a soldier in his 'bunk' trying to get up. It was as if the author was trying to introduce the setting with a blind man. But with the word squad I could know it was a soldier asleep. I was confused because I thought he was writing himself as if he was in jail, but actually it was when he was a soldier, (I think). So I thought he must have been a prisoner in a war.

It would have been like this in the army. SOURCE
( page 15 , line  12~15 )
"They sat in the cold mess hall, most of them eating with their hats on, eating slowly, picking out putrid little fish from under leaves of boiled black cabbage and spitting the bones out on the table."
This gave me the imagery of the soldiers eating in a way most people don't eat now. Having to eat these nasty food because of the time they didn't have. It would have looked something like this ( the picture on the top) but now it is like this (the picture on the bottom). I chose this because it gave me two ideas again confusing me. It could be prison or the  army. So I chose these two lines. 

 source for the picture in the top
source for the picture on the bottom


  1. Hey Juho, I just wanted to say that there was no war while this was happening. Ivan was a prisoner of a gulag camp, not war. He means by squad as his roommates and identification numbers. Again, this book takes place in a gulag camp. Think of it as the concentration camps from World War 2. I also wanted to add that when Soldiers are in their base/country, they don't eat as badly as the people in the camps. They actually eat quite healthily.

    1. This was why I gave this. I was confused so if you didn't know about them you could have been distracted a lot by the thought. I was like that