Sunday, August 24, 2014

One Day In The Life of Ivan Denisovich

Throughout the book, I've seen numerous quotes, that are very interesting. But, in page 5, I found a quote that I think it has more than one meaning. The quote is "The ones that don't make it are those who lick other men's leftovers, those who count on the doctors to pull them through, and those who squeal on their buddies." The first part, from what I understood, it basically means you have 3 options you either dont make it.... The second part means the ones who think that if they have a problem, the doctors will solve it, and the third part means, you cry on your friends because they might have backstabbed you.                                     

  I think that this picture perfectly describes this line. I think that one wants to betray the other. In the book, they explain how many would betray each other. 

Also, in page 13 it says "How much water are you going to use, idiot? Who on earth washes like that?"  This quote also really made me feel sorry for what Shukhov was going through. What I understood from this quote, is that he should learn the hard way, and learn how to live in a rigid way. I think that the guard made a mistake on doing this, because Shukhov now doesn't like him. By this cycle going on and on, many people are going to hate each other.               

I think that image describes well how Shukhov was beeing guarded. I think that this image also describes well of how people were before in Russia. 


  1. I agree with you on everything, except on the last part of the quote. I think "those who squeal on their buddies" means that if you encourage chaos and fighting, your jail mates will most likely start to hate you and you cannot survive in the prison with hates.

    But for the rest, I completely agree with you.

  2. Great post Jorge!

    I totally agree with you in both of your posts. When you explained what the quote meant to you I actually got to understand it better myself. Before, I did not know exactly what that quote was trying to say but when you explained it, it was a lot more clear. Also your picture helps the understanding of what you are trying to say, because what I understood from it is that fake friends can backstab you at any given time.

    I totally agree with you as well in the second quote. I think that the guard could have been nicer to Shukhov because he should not be wanting to loose respect. For example, Shukhov said he liked the guard and when he called him an idiot all of that respect went dow the drain. That can be a good lesson on our every day lives, which is one word can have a big impact.

    Overall, you had a great post good job.

  3. I actually thought that it meant (the quote) the ones who don't make it are the suck ups and the cry babies. From my understanding at least. i thought this because when you lick someone else's bowl at lest in that prison you are considered a scum from what i understood and also i think because you don't really have good friends it makes no sense to cry out to one of them to help you.