Saturday, August 23, 2014

One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich

Question Commander:


Why do you think the Russian communist party would just capture random people and send the to a gulag prison that they would have to make?

I honestly have no idea because if the prisoners had to build the prison the surly they would know how to get out and once they were done would they just build infinitely until the whole of russia was a gulag? Just putting that aside it could also be so that the Russian communist party could really make the people fear them. This could also be so that they would have less people to riot and try to make change within the country.


Do you think that if these gulags had stayed open till today they would keep the prisoners till they died just to show the Russin people to not mess with the government?

I think that it would be very likely for them to keep the prisoners till they died just to show that once you got in there was no coming out. This would there for pass the message to the Russian people to be as good as possible, so that they would not be sent to the gulag. Also because the more they expanded the gulags maybe the could add captives from war.


Why do you think they would just send people to preform hard labor everyday?

Well i think that this is because as the communist symbol represents the scythe and the hammer which are both tools used in hard labor, make Russia (at the time) kind of be forced to follow their communist symbol so that the rest of the world would see them as serious change. It could also be because the Were trying to surpress the world during the time of war and say communist is the way to go, but not realizing that they were making themselves look bad.


  1. I think that they did not randomly get prisoners to put in these Gulags, I think it were from small criminals to people with great political power. And these Gulag's were for also people who had a different religion, that was not allowed on Russia.

    The Second question, they would not keep the prisoners until they died, depending on the crime. these Gulags are actually different labor camps where prisoners stay there and do labor, they do not stay there until they die, it works kind of like some prisons.

    On the third question, it was a penalty the prisoners had to complete, which was by doing labor, and all this labor was so that they would help Russia somewhat, but still have to take some sort of punishment.

  2. Hi! I actually agree with your answers but I wanted to add something
    In the first one I think they didn´t choose randomly people to send them to the gulag prison, The penalties for taking them were very unbelievable and of course very silly, but there were those “rules“ and if someone didn´t follow them they were taken to prison.

    I totally agree with the second question, you could also add that maybe a warning for future problems, like war or revolution, protest marches, etc. not also for their insiders but also to the outsiders of their country.

    On the third question I think that the Gulags were forcing the prisoners to work but the whole world didn´t realize what was happening in there, everything was internal so it didn´t matter for them if they looked good or bad to the other countries.

  3. Hey Robbie, below, I will list the question numbers and my reactions/reflections to each one.

    1- First of all, I do not think it's just random people that were sent to the gulag prisons. As I understand it, people sent there were criminals. Also, I think that people were sent there instead of plain jail because the people that organized these camps thought that people should work for their food/water instead of just receiving it for free.

    2- For question number two, I do not think that people would stay in gulag camps until they die unless the crime they committed were very severe. I don't think that people would stay for petty crimes for life because I think people would protest until laws are changed.

    3- I think for number 3 it's like what I wrote for number 1, that people think that prisoners should work for the things they receive instead of just getting it.

  4. Hey Robbie, I like the creative questions and answers that you made. First of all, People were not randomly selected, although they were put in the camps for unjust reasons. Check my article since I wrote about this so you can see why people were sent to the camps. Second of all, These Gulags might have been built by the prisoners themselves, but I am sure they were supervised. In addition, after these camps were established, the prisoners would collect resources for Russia (for example, minerals). As to your second question, after people went to the camps, they would be sent out of Russia, and could never come back. Although they were not killed in the camps, they still had a bad aftermath. As for your third question, I think they were sent to camps to not only penalize them, but it also allowed the Soviet Union to collect Resources in a cheaper way than if they had to pay workers to go to Siberia and dig for minerals or oil.

    1. Well i could just say you are going to prison because you looked at me to a rondom person and that would be a random accusation thus making the people be randomly chosen off the streets thrown in jail. Also would it not be more efficient for the soviet to just make a new machine that runs longer than a person and more area because than you could just run the machines for much much longer than you could a person and the maintenance would be cheeper too.