Sunday, August 24, 2014

One Day In The Life Of Ivan Denisvich: Line illuminator Jason

"How much water are you going to use, idiot? Who on earth washes like that?" Page 13

This quote is said by a guard while Shukhov was scrubbing the floor. This quote can determine some of the aspects of life that Shukhov is going through. Shuckhov was just scrubbing the floor the way he has to but the guard complains that he is  using too much water . This means that Shuchov's guards would find any excuse to get Shuchovin trouble. This means that Shukhov's life is extremely tragic in his camp life. Moreover people treats him like slaves over there and the guards don't give him enough bread ( food) even if they  worked an enough amount.

And a few pages before this quote is found, people talk about licking the leftovers of the plates while cleaning them this demonstrates their hunger and misery.
"three day's penalty of work" page 8

This quote was said by one of the guards when he caught Shukhov oversleeping but the thing is that Shukhov is actually one of the people who woke up first. Therefore he was punished for something that he didn't actually do wrong. This can describe his feeling when he was forced to work by scrubbing the floors. I believe that he would have felt miserable and he would have felt really bad. Life would have been really horrible for him in the camp. This quote also describes the harshness of the guards in the camp.\

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  1. Your post makes me understand the book more, because the thing about the guards, show that the instinct of survival in the book is very important, for example, he made up he was sick so that he would not have to do the laboring and yes just having to scrub the floor. If he just scrubs the floor, it shows that he can survive longer and doing less work, because it is better to scrub the floor, than doing labor when it is freezing outside. All in all, he was just trying to last longer in this Gulag, which will probably be important for the rest of the book.

  2. Jason,

    I liked your post, I agree with you that the guard was being to harsh on Shukhov. He could have been more gentile and said "use less water" he did not have to offend him that way because that just made Shukhov loose respect for him. I agree that Shukhovs life amoung with every other camp prisoners life is probably tragic. They are like slaves, they have to do whatever people tell them to do whenever they tell them. The food example, is a great way to show misery they can't even have proper meals.

    I agree with you on the second quote as well. I think that Shukhov should not be punished for three days just because he woke up a bit late. Sure, maybe he should be punished by some way like we are when we don't wake up on time to go to school but I think that the guard just overly exaggerated. This relates to the first post when you said that the guards can make the priosoners do whatever they tell them to even though they don't deserve it.

    Something that you should do next time is time is that you should choose a better quote. I think that this quote is too broad because their is not so many thing that you can relate to this.

    But your post was still good!

  3. Jason, great questions. It really seems like you are really enjoying this book a lot. You have now helped me to understand more on what they are trying to say sometimes. In some parts of the book, I dont really understand what they are trying to say. For example, on page 8 when they say "three day's penalty of work" I didnt really understand what they were trying to say. But, thanks to your explanations, I now understand more of what they say. Thanks.