Monday, August 25, 2014

Question commander- Joshua Ahn

What did Ivan do to go to jail? What do they do in the camp?

As the book continues im sure it will get stronger and stronger. Ivan that passed through lots of things shows this. How he went to jail, and how he suffered in the camp. He really did severe things to go there. Im interested in how he was sent there by accident and i really want to know how.

 Why did the Russians got so angry at him?

The government got angry at him, but what did he do? To almost die in the freezing winter, and the only way to survive is to dig feverishly and to never stop. I can see that in this book, there is going to be a lot of suffering and pain through out his journey. How they are not able to eat properly and how that place is horrible to live.

Why does Ivan decides to share this one day? What was he thinking in his mind when he decided to share the truth about the Russian army?

I can tell that in the camp that they suffer a lot, eating really little food in a really cold weather is painful. But what does this one day in his life is trying to explain to us. Im sure there is a reason why he chose that specific day to talk about. Maybe it was very important, or maybe it reveals the russians secrets.

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  1. I think that your post helped me know what questions I had to ask myself while reading the book, moreover I liked the post because you answered the questions in a critical way of thinking about things

  2. Joshua,

    I think the organization in your post makes it really easy to read. I can connect to your post because I am also reading it, and it also makes it more clear to me what happened in the book if I didn't understand or think about, such as the part you said about the author and what he was thinking when writing about a day of the Russian soldier.

  3. For the first question, Ivan went to jail because the author went to jail, because the reason why the author wrote a book about Gulag's, it was because he was in one of these himself. For the second question, in these Gulag's, it wasn't needed to make the government really angry at you, because people would be put there even because they didn't follow a certain religion. The reason I think why he shared the truth, it was because maybe the reason he was there, it was to be a spy, so that he could share the information.

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  5. Joshua,
    I am going to answer your first question which on my opinion is the one I think has a deeper response.

    I don't really know how did Ivan go to prison but on my opinion there are only two possible answers. Either he did something really bad that deserved the consequence, or he was mistakenly sent. By reading everything that is happening and what type of person Ivan is I think that he was mistakenly thrown into the gulag. Ivan seems to be a very nice person, and not cable of doing something so tragic that he has to be sent to the gulag. For the second part of the question I think that what the prisoners do in the gulag is that they are forced to do whatever the authorities tell them to do. Throughout the beginning of the book we can notice that everything that Ivan does is because he is forced to do. For example, Ivan does not want to wake up super early everyday, but he has to or else he is punished. Like when he slept for extra hours and then he was forced to clean the floor. Also, other things that they probably do in the camp is that they probably have to be like "servants" and have to carry stuff around. I don't think that the prisoners get a say in the gulag because they were thrown in there for some reason.