Sunday, August 31, 2014

Word Whisperer Jason Hyun

pages 22~68

Before I start thanks for my reading group for making me do the most boring job just kidding.

Word number 1. 
page 39 last line 
"Soviet People And Collective Farms | English Russia." English Russia. N.p., n.d. Web. 31 Aug. 2014. <>.
Kolkhoz describes a form of a collective farm in the Soviet Union(Russian). I think that it is would help you guys understand the book because this place is one of the places that Shukhov work for and by knowing this term I think that it would help the reader better understand where and in what condition Shukhov was working in.

Word number 2.
Page 43 line 6
This word actually means individuals who comprise a group of denominations and churches but on this content I think that there is nothing to do with churches and things like this. So this really confuses me. Can the readers of this post please comment about the word Baptist in the content of the book please tell me what it is in your comment.

Word number 3.
page 43 line 24
"Gulag." Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, 31 Aug. 2014. Web. 31 Aug. 2014. <>.
Gulags are governments agencies in Russia that administered the main soviet forced labor camp system during the Stalin era. I think that readers of this book should know this term because this is the main setting of this book and it might help the readers know where Shukhov is actually held in by this I mean; what type of prison, when and where.

Word number 4.
page 59 last line
Bendera's men 
Bendera's men is a general in the soviet army who betrayed his country(Russia) in WWII. And one of Shukhov's friend Gopchik was arrested for delivering milk to them. I think that this term wouldn't actually help the readers of this book massively however I think that it would at least help the readers understand the one of the characters (Gopchik).


  1. I found it was good on how you explained the Gulag, I think that these camps, Soviet camps are for prisoners, that have something different, it could be religion. And Baptist, from what I know would be for religion, but in this context I would not know, because the only meaning that I know about this word, would be about religion, and the church.

  2. there were awesome explanation but the camps are different to lots of them. i think because there were losses in WW2 so anyone supposedly helping other countries could go there to. I like the way you described some words connecting to the book. It made it more interesting. Awesome job!

  3. Jason, to start off, I think that overall your post was very good, and it was very detailed. You really explained what many things were, and you showed that you really understand the book. I think that the words you picked were good, but I think that there were other words that were harder to understand. I think that for your future posts, you could put the word in a sentence. I think that would really help the reader understand more what is the definition of the word.