Sunday, September 7, 2014

Caroline Lopes - Line Illuminator - #3 blogpost

     Reading the 3rd passage from the book, I found 2 lines that for me were really significant. I think that basically the whole book is significant but this two lines really stood out for me because it talks more about life in a way that also relates to the book. 
The first quote that I found was of page. 96 “Shukhov would have liked to know what was up but he’d no time to find out-he was leveling his wall.” I think this is a really powerful quote because it doesn’t only mean a literal meaning but I think that it also mean that people shouldn’t waste time seeing what is happening in the world, they should level up their life. For example in a basketball game, if you want to play the best you can you shouldn’t watch other people playing and suffering because you think they play better than you, you should practice until you get level your self up. Another example is when someone wants to be a actress, they shouldn’t only watch movies but they also have to practice and level them selves up. 
The second quote is on page.104 “A squad leader is a power, but the escort is a greater power still.” This quote is a powerful quote because it says that one person is real good but if you join a group of people it will be even better or even more powerful. For example in a singing competition a singer is really good against other singers but if you join a lot of singers and form a choir, it will be much more powerful. 

The 2 images that I choose are basically a visual picture of the quotes it self. The first image is a brick wall being built like a life being leveled up. I think that building a wall is really similar to life because you have to choose where to put the blocks how tall you want to raise the wall and were you want to place your wall. 
The second image is a powerful man and the man is made of billions of people. It represents that if you join a lot of people you will become a powerful person. 

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