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Connection Captain – Daniel Choe

A Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich

Author: Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Rotation #5

Connection Captain (Free Choice)

Pages: 134 – 167

While reading the final pages of the story, some connections started to flow in my mind.

My first connection occurred on page 141. In that page, Ivan finishes eating two bowls of soup, but he wants more. That is why he looks around for other unfinished bowls, to see if there were any leftovers. Ivan soon found pieces of cabbage and potato in some bowls, so he decided to eat them. In my opinion, this part of the story connects with hungry people in general. An example to prove this would be myself. When I am in a restaurant and I don't eat enough, I still get hungry, meaning that I want to eat something else to fulfill my hunger. Furthermore, I ask for more food, so that my stomach can stop hurting. This clearly connects on what the book is trying to tell us, since in both cases, someone wants to eat more because more they are hungry. Adding on, in the case of the book, Ivan eats more because he is still hungry, and in my example, I want to eat more because I am also hungry.

<Image of hungry>

Another connection I had while reading the book happened on page 144. In the context of the page, Ivan says that the prisoners use the money from their account to buy soap for cleaning, moldy biscuits, or cigarettes. Furthermore, the item the prisoners most buy is the cigarettes, so that they can feel better in the cold days. In my opinion, the prisoners make a horrible choice on buying cigarettes, since it doesn't only damage all the parts in the body, but it also increases cancer chance. Adding on, today, cancer in one of the biggest problems, since it is very lethal. 

The prisoners also had 2 other options, that are more important. The first is soap. This item is important because it repels any bacteria on your body, decreasing illness chance. This is better than cigarettes as it doesn't harm the body. Instead, soap helps your body. The other option the prisoners could buy were moldy biscuits. Even if the biscuits are moldy, they are still more important than cigarettes. To enhance my idea, the biscuits fills the stomach, meaning that it will lessen the aching of it. In the other hand, cigarettes only damages the stomach, since it contains terrible chemicals (over 300). 

This connects to horrible choices from people in the real world because it actually happens. Imagine a person that got money from his job. Now, he can use it to buy food, water, or cigarettes. Now, imagine the person spends his money on cigarettes. This example I just said actually happens in real life. Some people (not everyone) actually choose to use the money in cigarettes, since they think it feels good to do it. In my opinion, this is a terrible idea. Adding on, other things such as water, actually helps the Human body, since it gives it nutrients, while cigarettes, like I said before, actually damages it. This real life example connects with the prisoner's decisions because in both cases, people are taking the wrong decision, since it will impact them negatively later. 

<Image of decision making>

Overall, there were more connection I noticed and took note of, but these two were the ones that caught my attention the most.

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