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Connection Captain- Maria Antonia Maia

Connection Captain- Maria Antonia Maia
One Day In The Life of Ivan Denisovich
Connection #1
Outwardly, the gang all looked the same, all wearing identical black jackets with identical number patches, but underneath there were big differences. You'd never get Buynovsky to sit watching a bowl, and there were jobs that Shukhov left to those beneath him. (87)

This passage makes me remember adolescents. Everyone wears the same clothes, shoes, but if you get to really meet each one as a person they are completely different. The world we live in today is completely messed up. Everyone does something just because the others are also doing it. No one has personality. Every person is completely different from each other, but now a days we all look the same. We have no lives, no personality, no nothing. 

 Connection #2
You had to be wide awake all the time. Make sure a warder never saw you on your own, only as one of a crowd. He might be looking for somebody to do a job, or he might just want to take his spite out on you. (94)
This year when I went to camp everyone everyday would leave the cabine at night to go to the cafeteria get food or hang out on the benches. But sometimes the counsellor would always catch someone and then we would have to clean the dishes or clean the horse poop. So everyone was afraid but really wanted to sneak out, but was really afraid, and thought the mean counsellors would make us do things that were bad. So were stayed wide awake on our cabins waiting for the counsellor to pass.

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