Thursday, September 11, 2014

Connection Captain- Owain post 1

In this chapter Ivan is in the camp and is laying in his bed and doesn't like going to work and its freezing cold. He works from early hours to around 6, and he comes to eat dinner until 7. Ivan is very lazy he doesn't like to get up from bed and he does drugs. There is this guy called tucker and he wheres a army jacket all the time even if its hot and he is very strict.

This reminds me when I was in South Africa and there was this guy in my school that was a bit weird and he always always wore that army jacket. He wore it when it was hot, he wore it when it was cold, he wore in any weather. It smelt so bad, it smelt like a my dogs poo, mixed with a dead rat. That how bad it was. The jacket had  some small holes at the bottom, and there was like one or two buttons missing. And this guy was a lot like Ivan he didn't like getting up he was lazy, he wouldn't play any sport at recess and work very slow, even a turtle could beat him.

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