Sunday, September 7, 2014

Illustrious Art-Jorge Lopez

One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich

Author: Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Rotation 3

Job #5 – Illustrious Artist

Pages: 69 - 105

 Throughout pages 69-105, Shukhov had to wake up very early every morning and then go to training. He would do this normally, but in three occasions, he missed out, and he slept more than the usual. As a result, Shukhov was punished with mopping the floors, and he never repeated that again. For every success, you really need to work hard, and that leads us to the second picture. 

            Shukhov, really worked hard for his family. Not only him, but all of the other prisoners as well. I think that this picture is the one that symbolizes the most. As the book goes on and on, Shukhov is assigned with harder, and harder tasks. Each day, he is fighting stronger so that he could give his wife the money she asked for. Also, in the book, they really explain how they feel, and how many are ill, and how the prisoners react to the job they are assigned.

Another thing that they explained in the book, is how they needed to work hard to be able to eat, and to feed themselves. They explain how all prisoners by default, had to work to feed them. I believe that this picture shows the way that they would eat, and the way that this was almost their "relaxation" time throughout the day. I also think that the more the book goes on, the less they eat.

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  1. Hi Jorge,
    I like your images because they are totally clear and they helped me to understand certain points of the book. I like the way you explain Ivan´s life in a little resume, I don´t know the others but that helped be to think about it more further.

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  3. really like how your post is organized and how you wrote it. It has lots of details which make us think about how life really was in the gulag and what all the prisoners had to go through. Life wasn't as easy as it is now a days and they suffered a lot throughout all the years. The way you added the images is really good and clear to understand. Good job with the post.

  4. Hey Jorge !
    I really liked your choices of illustrations to support you statements. I agree , Shukov has to wake up early everyday and work hard for many hours. This reminded me of students at school. They have to wake early , get ready for school and study most of the day. Students might not have to as hard the prisoners but this is a connection I made.

    I agree , Shukov is one of the prisoners that workd hard , for his family and even for his own good. Even though it gets harder , he gives his best and tries to be a better person. This is how everyone in this world should be like , working hard and trying to better.

    Do you think Shukov works hard because he wants to or because he needs to ? Do you think he wants to change his personality and try to be a good person ?

    Really got me think forward ! Great Post !