Sunday, September 14, 2014

Line Illuminator - Helena Segall

"You should rejoice that you're in prison. Here you have time to think about your soul." 

I agree with this quote because I feel like this is what prison is for. Whenever people do bad things they are put in prison to rethink what they did and if it is what they want to do with life. I know that sometimes when people do extremely bad things their sentence in prison is until they die, I feel like even those people who are not getting out of prison should think about what they did. For example, they killed someone: for what reason? was the reason really life costing? A famous saying is "Think before you take action" I think that is what every single person in this whole world should do. Another thing that I think that the quote is trying to say is that those who are actually going to have a life after prison should think what direction are they going to head to. Some people are going to have learned their lesson and are going to have a normal life, enjoy their families, and others are going to continue doing bad things. I feel ashamed for those who actually choose to take the wrong path because they did not understand what prison was for and if they got caught again their punishment would probably be for their whole life. 


"Double time"

Even though this is such a simple quote it has a huge meaning. Through out this book I have been thinking that the guard are sometimes harsh, but sometimes good. Sometimes the guards over exaggerate and they can say, or do things that are not necessary based on the behavior of the prisoners. Although, I feel like sometimes the guard can give good consequences depending on the prisoners action. What do you feel about a guard giving double time? Harsh? or do you think that it is necessary sometimes? I think that things such as double time is a good way to give punishment to someone who did not do their work well, or who didn't behave. I think that the prisoners already have to work a lot and they get tired so if they are not doing their job correctly they should get double time. That would make them try their best in the first time so that they don't have to work double the time. 

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  1. Helena,

    What a great quote! It really made me think hard and with your description it helped me even more. I think that in prison, it gives us the time to think about our mistakes and everything we did. As you said, why you did what you did to be in prison? What was the purpose? How would it help you? I think that many of the people didnt think before they did this, and had a reason to do it. Maybe it was revenge for something that happened to them, or maybe they were just made. Other than that, they might be in there as a mistake and keep questioning why they are in there for no reason. The quote that you brought in, " Think before you take actions." really connected with this. I agree that we must think of how we will benefit from it, the effects,

    Your second quote, " Double Time" I didn't understand very well. I understood that the prisoners have to work double the amount they did, which is the punishment of what they did. The guards give it to them, as you said, depending on the mistake they did. How could "Double Time" be a good thing?