Thursday, September 4, 2014

Line Illuminator- Maria Antonia Maia

                                                                  Line Illuminator 
Quote 1- 

"In camp the squad leader is everything: a good one will give you a second life; a bad one will put you in your coffin." pg. 36  

I think this quote is significant because it shows that the most important person was the leader, and if they had a bad one they would probably end up dead. This makes me feel that they had to trust every choice the leader made, and sometimes that may be difficult. I would feel scared if i was them to have to think like this, everyone has their own decision and by reading this quote probably you would be dead.
Quote 2-
“Even a prisoner’s thoughts weren’t free but kept coming back to the same thing, kept turning the same things over again.  Will they find that bread in the mattress? Will the medics put me on the sick list this evening?  Will they put the Captain in the cooler or not? And where did Caesar get that warm shirt?  He must’ve gotten it out of someone in the stores with a bribe.  Where else?”(p. 43)
      This quote made me think a lot about my life. They had to question everything that came up to them. Living in questions and not knowing what will happen in 2 mins sometimes can be frustrating. The prisoners didn't have a good life and will never have if they live in these conditions.  They were all packed up together, didn't know what was happening or what would happen, they had a horrible life questioning everything and questioning if the food would ever get to them or the water.                                   

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