Sunday, September 7, 2014

One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich
Alexander Solzhenitsyn 
Pages 69-105 
Illustrious artist

Although I am a terrible artist, it is the creativity and explanation that counts.  On page 74,  Ivan is turning in dirty plates to the cleaners for an extra serving.  He had swindled the cleaner by taking plates that had already been cleaned so he could get food.  I made the prisoners look like rats because they are like the peasants for the country.  Also, rats are pretty sneaky, so since Ivan was committing a sneaky move, I made him a rat.  The cleaners and cooks are cats because a rat's enemy is a cat.  The cleaner was not going to fall for it, and he fought with Ivan about it.  That made it seem like they were enemies.  I added an exclamation point to the text due to the fact that Ivan had screamed at the cleaner.  I also added his arm extended toward the clean plates section so you could easily notice his tricky, sneaky plan.
I decided to make it about this is because it shows how desperate prisoners are to get the tiny amounts of food.  It also shows that not enough food is given to the prisoners compared to the amount of work due to the fact that the prisoners still want more food.


  1. I really like the way you used animals in your drawing. It kind of reminded me of Tom and Jerry and the book "Maus." The words really show how they are desperate for a tiny amount of food. It is as if they've been starved for 10 days. I agree rats are very sneaky in the sense of your drawing. But mice have bigger brains which make them think more than rats. So you could have used mouse instead of rats. But in the sense of sneaky, foxes would have been better. They are the animals called 'sneaky' mostly. Also for the enemy you could have done big cats if you did foxes. Getting back to the point, I understood the concept why you drew the picture.
    I do get why you used 104th but for the cleaners, why didn't you put any symbols of cleaners on the cat? You could have used cleaners hat, broom etc. But anyways, I think you did a great job! Nice work!

  2. Hey Juho, I made them rats because they are less liked than mice. These are plate cleaners, not floor cleaners, they just wash the dishes. I think if the rats were foxes,there wouldn't be a predator since tigers aren't foxes' predators. Not only that, but foxes would be too cute to take the role of a prisoner

  3. Nico,
    I really like how you chose this specific scene for this post. It is a scene that shows many meanings that the author might want to tell us. We can make many guesses from this scene. The author might've had the same feeling of unfairness just like Shukhov. This scene branches off to many different passages that relate to this subject of unfairness. First of all, the author starts with saying how the chef and the inspector really did no work yet made the prisoners do work for them to get extra, yet not a lot of, food. Second of all, Shukhov delivers a bowl of kasha to Tsezar. When he enters the office, he feels a warm gust of air from the warm stoves and heating systems they had inside. Until now, Shukhov was complaining about how cold it was and how the prisoners liked to stay in the canteen because there was a warm source of heat. All these events that branched off from the food scene are generally related to the topic of unfairness. The author does a great job of show this by explaining all the terrible things the prisoner have to go through, and then finishing by an event that shows how the authorities or higher ranked people are being treated. I think that your choice of image was a great decision as it supports this possible belief of Aleksandr. Although it's still a great choice of event, next time you could draw an image that enhances our thinking.