Saturday, September 27, 2014

Question Commander. Bethany G.

What were the guards scared of while searching the prisoners belongings?

While reading this book, I crossed a phrase that concerned me, which was " ... ; they were scared of something. " Since they are guards, I expected them to be brave and face the problems that are caused in their camp. Although, while they were checking peoples belongings, they were scared of something. You could tell they were scared since they wanted to check everything they could. They contained a fear of what would happen or what they had with them. If they would leave with something, or enter with something. This part was confusing for me, because I never thought that the guards would be scared of something. Even if they were, of what?

Why did Shukhov forbid his wife from ever sending something to him, while he was in camp?

This was one of the main questions I had about this part of the book. On page 129, it says " And though he'd strictly forbidden his wife to send him anything even for easter... " If I was him, I would always want my family to send me many things. Although, not all the time because I wouldn't want them to waste much money. I think he did this, to protect his family, to make sure no one could find them and also to save money. As stated before, he said " .. - don't send them. Don't take the food out of the kids' mouths. " In this quote, I think it means that the money wasted to send anything to him, could be money to feed his family. To support them and he wants them to save it instead of sending things to him.

Why can't they have a rest every sunday, instead of only sometimes?

My last concern about this section of the book, was that each sunday, why can't they rest? While I was reading, I encountered this sentence; " ... if there happened to be five Sundays in a month, they gave them three and made them work the other two." I think that they should give every sunday as a rest day since they work in hard labor. You can't expect someone to work hard each day and harder the next, without rest. Although they do get rest three out of the five Sundays, I think they deserve every Sunday as a break.

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