Sunday, September 28, 2014

Question Commander - Isa F.

       As we all know, we are almost coming to the end of the book. But, there are still questions to be answered. 

Question #1: While reading this book, I wondered, are there any bad people or are they all victims?
It is obvious that the prisoners are suffering because they have done something bad. But, what about the leaders, cooks, guards? Aren't they all in their because of Stalins Government? Because, whoever is in this special camp is going through something brutal. Everyone has to fight the cold, of the lack of food. Even if the leaders get to eat a bit more, it is still very little compared to our everyday life. They all have to work day and night, being forced by Stalin's government ways and punishments. Is is really fair? 

Question #2: People who work in camps are supposed to be brave, and face the problems. Yet, the guards, while investigating the prisoners, are scared. Why?
I think that the guards get scared because all of these people were placed there for doing something bad, and are being punished by it. Do the guards think that they are going to do something worse, if yes, why? I makes me think because, if they were to do something bad, wouldn't they be punished even more? Also, I think that guards are afraid because they know that these prisoners are capable of doing fearful acts. Or, the prisoners react because they are afraid, that could be a possibility. 

Question #3: How does the government who control the camp expect the prisoners to change? 
People, even after doing something bad, may change and some may not. There are a huge quantity of people who after doing something wrong don't change. Their conscious and way of thinking changes after specific punishment, but, how to the guards or whoever works in the camp know that these people will not continue how they are? Of course, some people believe that they will end up back there if they do something wrong. maybe they are wrong but who knows. What do you think? Do you believe that the government will change these prisoners lives, or the way they will move on after they leave camp? 

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