Saturday, September 6, 2014

Word Whisperer - Isa F.

Book: One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich

Author: Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Job: Word Whisperer

This week I have been assigned to look deep into the authors techniques of writing, what he uses to drawn in the reader. 

The first technique that I noticed was simile. In this book, there is an whole lot of similes, so I decided to chose one on page 79, "The office was as hot as a Turkish bath, it seemed to Shukov." The meaning of this stylistic device it to use something and compare it to another. This exact sentence isn't a huge impact on the story, but when the author adds simile's it gives the reader another way of seeing the things that Shukov see's. 

The second technique that I chose was imagery, which also happens to be on the same page, page 79, "The sun, coming in through the icy windowpanes, played gaily in the room, not angrily as it did at the power station; and, spreading across the broad sunbeam, the smoke of Tsezar's pipe looked like the incense in church." Imagery worked really well on this sentence because it contained so much detail, and how the author describes what he sees. I think that these kind of sentences have a hug impact on the book because they are what makes the readers believe. 

My third technique that I have chosen is the tone of the author. The way the author writes creates a voice inside your head as if it were himself speaking to you, face-to-face. I uses his writing to make you want to read more. This is one of the most important things you can ever have in a book because without the good tone, you don't have the readers attention. Without the attention that book won't be interesting and you will get bored when reading it. 

My last, but not least, technique chosen is metaphor. Not a simile, but a little bit different. A metaphor is different from a simile because in a simile, you add a  "like" or a "as".Ina  metaphor, you just go for it, you don't join in the "like" or "as". The meaning of a metaphor to the story isn't very big, like the simile's. You use it to compare, but it isn't one of the most important techniques that  every writer needs to use. 

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  3. Isa, I really like your post. I think your blogpost was really organized and you used a kind of “template”. Because you state you sentence, write what simile mean, write what the sentence mean and then what you think and I think that gives a good pace to read you blogpost. Your post also shows a lot of time and effort you had. I think that you choose good language techniques. In conclusion, in your last two language techniques can you give an example of the book to reinforce our understanding.