Saturday, October 18, 2014

Cian M. : Week #2: Influence

How did historical events influence the ideas in the novel?  What cultural issues may have influenced, challenged, or inspired the author?

It is evident that this book is set in soviet russia and that it is influenced by soviet russia. First on page 65 the book sates this, "But from 49 onward the standard sentence," since we know that he has a ten year sentence he must have been given the sentence before 1949. This all means that the book takes place in soviet russia which began in 1912 and ended in 1991. This means that it is very possible that soviet russia influenced this book.

I know that soviet russia influenced this book because the book is set in a soviet russia labor prison camp, the temperature of the camp resembles that of russia and the reason for his ten year sentence. On page 63 and 64 Ivan talks about when the sun is at it highest point and this is said, "But since the day a new decree has been passed, and now the sun stands at its highest point at one. Who past that decree? Soviet Power." At his point the argument is over becuase if soviet power says so their is no arguing it in a soviet prison camp. This shows the influence soviet russia has over the prisoners and how they do not question soviet power. Then on page 23 the book states, " the temperature out there was -17," This temperature is very close to the average temperature of winter in russia which is about -20 C . Meaning that Ivan is in russia and the cold influences what he wears. Then on page 65 66 Ivan explains why he has been sentenced to ten years in prison and how the soviets believed he was a spy for the germans pretending to be an escaped POW. Soviet russia sentenced him for ten years in prison for high treason (betraying his country). This all means that soviet russia influence Ivan to the point were he ended up in prison because of their influence.

As you can clearly see Soviet Russia not only influence this book but created the story we are reading. Without Soviet Russia Ivan would not be in prison and that would drastically change the story we have been reading.

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  1. Good post Cian,
    I agree with what you had said about how through multiple clues you found in the book you were able to infer that it was influenced by the Soviet Union. I would like to ask you a question. Do you believe that the judge who sentenced him to ten years in treason was forced to send him there, or actually willingly sent him there?