Saturday, October 25, 2014

Illustration Artist - Victor B

Victor Barion
Illustration Artist
Week #3
Pages 69-105

     I chose this image because in the book Ivan Denisovich shows the reader that he has a lot of survivor skills. In some parts he reminds the reader of those Discovery Channel's tv shows. Also, he in some parts of his biography he tries to teach others in the camp a few of the skills he has. We can see all of the skills he has because often the narrator talks about the approaches and skills he uses in his work. These skills were very important during his time in the prison camp.

     I chose this second image because in some parts of the book the narrator mentions the Ivan Denisovich had a couple of careers. One of those was working in a farm before he arrived in the prison camp. He mentions things like having a horse and ''haymaking'' which shows he has had previous experiences. Other carriers that are mentioned in a book is being a carpenter and a soldier, but I chose his experience in the farm because I wouldn't expect that he would have done this in the past.

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