Sunday, November 9, 2014

 A Day in a Life of Ivan Denisovich
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Antonio f.
Role 5
His fingers were wonderfully nimble, and his mind raced ahead, planning his next moves.'' (pg 134)

I really think that this quote is very important to this book. When I read this quote I imagine my self in the labor camp in which Denisovich is. It shows that if you want to survive you need to always be prepared, you have to be caution and see everything that is happening around you. In this quote demonstrates one of the really good characteristics that Denisovich has, and it shows that he is a strategic man that always knows what to do next. I also, chose this quote because when I first read it, I imagined, how the character was, and I could see his face nervous preparing for what would happen. I chose this photo because it reminds me of knowing what to do next because everything is organized and you just follow your list.
“We've nothing, but we always find a way to make something extra."(pg 166)

I think that this quote is important, because it shows also one of Denisovich characteristics. When, I read this quote, I think normally of Denisovich getting something that is not his for example a spoon. I also, feel better when I read this quote because it helps me see that at least in prison it is not as bad as it should be even if it is really bad, because they have nothing their except work, but they always manage to take something else for example food, or materials such as spoons. So I think this quote represents a part of Denisovich and also shows that prisioners in their can manadge not to suffer as much as they would getting small materials that for us, aren’t as important but for them, those materials could change their lifes. I chose this picture because it represents tons of activites that you can do in you free time.

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