Sunday, November 16, 2014

Illustration artist Antonio F

Illustration artist
Antonio Fernandes
A day in a Life of Ivan Denisovich
Week 6


I created this image because in the end of the book Ivan says that this was almost a happy day. It shows that Ivan Denisovich saw the bright things that happened in his life. Ivan Denisovich was happy for avoiding going to the hole or, if you want to call it, the punishing cell.He was also happy for surviving another day in prison. So as you can see in the picture above, there is a hole  which has an arrow coming from a cross sign, because Ivan avoided to get punished, and also, I made a cross in the picture showing a clock because it shows that he also survived a day, but I didn`t use a cross in a cell that represents prison, because he was just not happy for being in prison. So that is why he is almost happy for that day.  I wrote in the top, the number 3563 with an arrow pointing to the cell, because this book only shows one of the 3563 days that he survived in prison. I also drew the picture will bright colors because it shows what Ivan Denisovich felt happy for, and I drew the prison cell in a darker color because that didn`t make him happy. So this is why I created this picture in the top, and this is what this picture represents in the book.


  1. Antonio,

    I really like your post. Your images are very interesting and the way they are placed makes the post better for the reader. Finally, the writing also is very interesting and is in the same level of the pictures. Keep up the good work in you next book group.


  2. Antonio,

    Your blog post was really interesting with your chain image story diagram. Your idea was creative and innovative and you train of thought was highly visible. In the end of the book I like your reflection but how do you think his positive attitude affected his life there after.