Sunday, November 2, 2014

Rotation #4 - Illustrious artist- Gabe

Illustrious Artist
One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich
Alexander Solzhenitsyn

I choose this image because of multiple factors from the setting to the idea. One reason this image appealed to me was because the environment is some what similar to the siberian cold, with snow everywhere. Also the reason I choose these wolves heerding these elk is because the wolves remind me of the guards and the elk is the prisoners. The prisoners are being controlled by the guards who are as vicious and merciless as the wolves. The wolves has room for mistakes because he has others to cover him. The prisoners unify themselves so that they can be strong and withstand the guards cruelty. If the prisoners (elk) step out of line, the guards (wolves) will attack. The elk will be able to fight but eventually will be slain such as the prisoners. Finally the elk represents the innocence of these prisoners who were charged as spies, traitors, and etc. The elk was chosen randomly such as the prisoners and both the prisoner and the elk are being punished for that.

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  1. Gabe,
    Great post, I really like your analogy. When I first looked at the image I didn't think of the wolves being the guards, I thought of them being more like the Soviet government. But in this case, it can work both ways. They both think they are extremely powerful, and in a way, they can do whatever they want. Also, in both cases, the prisoners end up being the victims, the ones being controlled.
    You explained your point very well!
    Great job.