Monday, February 16, 2015

Week 2 - Job #5; Illustrious Artist

For Job #5 Illustrious Artist, I chose to draw this to represent the main character's  (Shkhov's) life in the prison camp. Every single day, so far for 8 years, he is locked up, with almost no chance to escape. He wakes up, gets his cold small breakfast, and work nonstop until the next cold lunch. They are low on food so most of the times they only get very little amounts of bread. After lunch, they are ordered to work again until dinner. This is his life in prison camp. Everyday he is ordered to repeat the same cycle over and over again, in the freezing winter. On page 39, he says "I'd lost the habit of planning for the next day, for a year ahead, for supporting his family." The authorities did his thinking for him, about everything. 

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  1. Mai,
    I really like your drawing! I agree with it, since it explains that for him being locked up has become a cycle, and it literally is hard to break away, or break free. In addition, you also talked about his daily routine, which is terrible. I think that for him, this life will never change, and I predict one day he might die in the cold. What do you think?