Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Post 1#: Word Whisperer Felipe Miyake

Job: Word Whisperer

Introduction + Forward + pg. 3-22

Book: One Day in The Life of Ivan Denisovich

Author: Alexander Solzhenitsyn

        Phrase number one: "a hard-bitten prisoner who had already been in for twelve years-who told the newcomers, just in the front...". This phrase shows flashback because the protagonist says what has happened in the past. The fact that the author used flashback helps the reader to understand the book better because the reader can understand why the protagonist felt strange when he wanted to lick the rest of food that was in another person,s plate because an old prisoner had told him that these kind of people don't survive very long in the prison.

        Phrase number two: It was foggy like Irish bath". This phrase contains simile, it helps the reader to understand the story better because it gives us examples of things that we probably already know. When the reader doesn't  understand the description that the author made, giving a real example to the description will help the reader to understand what is happening better.                                                                                          
        Phrase number three: "Push it up? No fucking literally.". This phrase shows irony. When one of the prisoners told the main character that if he breathed on the thermometer the temperature would go up. The irony, in my opinion, doesn't help the reader to understand the story better. It makes the story more humorous so it becomes more interesting for the reader.

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