Saturday, February 21, 2015

Question Commander - Enzo Hahn

One Day In a Life by van Denisovich
Pg 33-68

While I continued to read this book over the carnaval break some parts of the book started to become clear to me with some connections I did. My first connection is that the gulag prison are like an utopia because the people from the prison are controlled by people that are more important than them in the community, like a hiercharchy. The prison is very strict and the people that work their have a right time to start their work and they have the right time to stop their work. This normally happens on a utopia, the utopia that I am referring  is the one that is shown on the book "The Giver". Another thing that reminded me of the prison was the food that were shared equal ,but some people din't it so much food because the temperature was to cold to grow crops. 

Another thing that reminded me of the prison are the concentration camps and both of them occurred at a similar time. Concentration Camps were commanded by the Nazis and it is the same idea at the prison that is commanded by the Soviet Union. Both of them are strong groups at that time. They had really strict rules including food and work. It is really harsh and normally you are going to die on this camps and prison. The people are tortured because they need to work everyday in a harsh condition like the temperature, tools and the location of the place that they need to work.

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  1. After reading your blog post I would like to add to what you said about food rations in the Gulags. In Gulags most of the time you would get food according to the amount of work you would do. The more work you do the more food you get. Another connection I had was the connection between forced labor in the Gulags and slavery in the US which was also forced labor. Both had limited food although in the US slaves were given more food because food was grown more easily there. Another similarity is that slaves would work long hours in the field under the sun which was really hot and on the other hand Gulag prisoners were forced to work long hours in the cold and sun.