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Job # 4 - Question Commander -

 Was it unclear why the writer chose to do something? Was part of the plot unclear or confusing? Do you think the author has a hidden agenda or motive?  Add and properly cite 2 images to complement your post.

What does all the prisoners hope of during the winter?

All the prisoners had hope on snowstorms. On page 51, it says  "All the same, prisoners loved snowstorms and prayed for them. Whenever the wind rose a little, every face was turned up to the sky. ( page 51)” This quote proves that the prisoners were hoping for snow storms because they would get a day off from work. In their situation, it is considered a holiday when theres a snowstorm. So as it is said in this quote, they were always hoping for the snow storms to come. During winter, all the prisoners were hoping for snow storms to come.

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Do you think Shukuhov is use to his prison life?

I definitely think Shukhov is use to his prison life because he has already been there for 8 years.
He is even one of the leading workers of the squad. In the book he seems to know how things work according to different days. He always seems to know whats happening around them. He always seems to know whats happening around. He seems to be trusted by the guards, and is known for the leading workers of the squad.

Why do you think the author chose to focus on one prisoners aspect instead of all?

I think the author focused on one prisoners aspect (Shukhov) to make the book more interesting. I think focussing on one persons aspect makes the book more realistic. It also makes it much easier to understand because every detail of the main characters thought, movement, action are written. If it was written from an aspect of many other prisoners at the same time, it might have been confusing and not as interesting.

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