Sunday, March 8, 2015

Job # 5 – Illustrious Artist – Simone

One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich
Week 4
Pages 106- 133

I chose to draw this scene in the book because it is a scene that really saved Shukhov. In the this scene, an older guard is frisking Shukhov and is about to discover the hidden strip of the hacksaw Shukhov found on the groud a few days before that. At this point in the scene, Shukhov had no idea what to do. The guard was about to squeeze his right mitten after squeezing the left one, and that was where Shukhov had hidden the strip of the hacksaw. When the guard would feel Shukhov's mitten, Shukhov would get ten days in the cells, which would just add time for him in prison. But suddenly, the guards chief yells calling the guard. The chief said, "Come on, bring up the machine- works column." (Solzhenitsyn, 125) The guard goes to help, and lets Shukhov go just before he was about to feel Shukhov's mitten. This was very good for Shukhov because it saved him from 10 days in the cells, being caught in the first place, and possibly having years added to his time in prison. Who knows what could have happened if the guard found out that Shukhov was hiding the strip of hacksaw in his mitten. What do you think could have happened?

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