Saturday, March 7, 2015

question commander

Why do you think they made people work as slaves instead of just put them in a prison for a few years?

I think they did it this way because they got more work done  and it was somewhat more of a punishment. I think that they shouldn't of had these camps, because they seemed really hard and the guards treated the people less then human. In some parts of this section the guards didn't seem to be as mean as in the other sections.  But then later on in the section, The guards would be cruel. They would pick a random person and tell them to take off their boots and work bear foot in the freezing cold weather of Russia. And they would also continue to do things like that to the people in the labor camps.

Why do you think the author chose this certain person to talk about?

I think that they choose this person because his story was different then everyone else at the camp. He actually didn't commit the crime he was blamed for. He still is put into the labor camp, even though he's innocent. I think they choose him because he's story is  somewhat more unique in a way from all the other people in the labor camps.

why do you think It only tells one day of Ivan's life, why not about how he got to the camp and about
his family, a small part about the life he used to have and etc?

I think  they tell just one day of his life to show what he has to go through in just one day. From all that he's done so far in the book and all the work he's gone through and etc.  I would think they were talking about just a week or  more in the labor camp. I also think they choose to do one day to get more detail about his life and so you can really imagine and picture what it was really like to be in one of these labor camps.

This picture goes with the first paragraph for when the guards would tell the people in the labor camps to take of their boots and to work bare foot in the snow.

This picture shows how like the flower, Ivan's story may stands out more than the other stories.

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