Sunday, March 1, 2015

Week #3 Connection Captain - Julia

One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich 
Alexander Solzhenitsyn
Pages 69-105
Connection Captain
While reading the pages if the book we were supposed to read this week, I could see a lot of teamwork in between the prisoners. They reminded me of a soccer team. The soccer team has to work together in order to play. If one doesn't make a good pass, they don't score. In order to win, each member in the soccer team has to work together. That is the same thing with the prisoners. If one of them doesn't do their job right, they wouldn't get food. They all depend on each other. In order to get food, all of them has to work hard. If one does it wring, all of them are going to be punished. They are like family. In a part of the book, they said that they are like family and brothers. In the soccer team, it is the same thing. They are one family, one group, one team. One does something wrong, all of them suffers the consequences. In the book, one person was giving the blocks to one person, the other person would put it in place and put the mortar that someone else would bring. If the person that gives the bricks to the other people doesn't go on the same pace as the person putting the blocks, it would slow down the process and they wouldn't finish on time. If the person who is bringing the mortar up doesn't put a lot of strength to it, they wouldn't be able to get it to the second floor. Also, they have to go fast so that it doesn't freeze. If he takes to long, by the time he gets to the second floor, the mortar would be freezed and they wouldn't be able to use it. If that happened all of them would have to suffer because all of them wouldn't get food. That is why they need a lot of teamwork to be able to work together. The soccer players have to work together to score. One person wouldn't be able to score all by themselves. They need each other to be able to win. In soccer they need to have a strategy, a plan. The prisoners also make a plan. They say what each person will be doing and what job fits them the best. They arrange the soccer players and put the players in the place they are best at. Each player is valuable and precious in the team. Without one person, everything would be different. That is also the same things with the prisoners. Everyone of the is needed to be able to get the work done. That is how a soccer team and the prisoners working connect. 

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