Sunday, April 19, 2015

Ivanna Hidalgo - Ilustrious Artist

Initially, in this point of Ivan's day explains how he woke up aching badly and with a fever as well. Well, Shukhov decides to go to sickbay, yet he is punished for not waking up in time. Therefore, he has to go to the hole, which is one of the worst punishments one as a prisoner could get. However, the guard did not take him to the whole, but he put Ivan to wash the floors. After that, Ivan found himself in the body inspection. Thereon, Denisovich tries to stay standing around the cold, polluted, violent ambient.

Now, the drawing that was made by me shows the scene where Tsezar gives Shukhov the cigarette. This scene may not have been in the reading for week #2, but does show something really important that is to be reflected on the rest of the reading for this week. Firstly, I chose to draw this scene because it uncovered a part of Shukhov. The thing that made me reflect the most on this scene is the fact that there was no certain response from Shukhov when Tsezar gave him the cigarette. The fact that there was no hostile response from Shukhov made him more humble. This was a thought of mine because many people would show arrogance or even boast to be the one who was given the cigarette to, but Shukhov simply took it and smoked. In other words, others would be desperate to get that cigarette and show how distressed they where, while Shukhov didn't. 

Based on the previous point, one sees how despite the life that Ivan had in the moment; he didn't manifest his anguish with people or objects. This cigarette scene made me perceive how humble Shukhov acted against specific people. One recalls when Ivan noticed the mucky looks that were given to him by Tsezar, and not having any response towards him made Ivan be submissive in a way. For instance, the guards physically and verbally harassed him, and Ivan did nothing but answer as a decent man. For example, when the citizen chief said "That's the way scum wash... They don't know how to do a thing and don't want to learn. They're not worth the bread we give them. We ought to feed them on dung" (14, Solzhenitsyn) Afterwards, Shukhov managed to be respectful and accommodating as possible. Although, it is dangerous for him to answer back because it can lead him to get hurt or tortured. In the end, this example connects to Ivan's scene with Tsezar because it reflects on how Ivan isn't on of those people who are utterly aggressive to get things such as the cigarette, evidently shown while reading the line "He didn't resent the fact that Tsezar felt squeamish about letting him finish the cigarette in the holder (some had clean mouths, some had foul) and he didn't burn his hardened fingers as they touched the glowing end" (30, Solzhenitsyn).

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