Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Marina Dissinger- Line Illuminator

Marina Dissinger
Line Illuminator
Week #2
Pgs. 33-68

"He looked around, and his eyes fell on the face of the squad leader, who had marched along with the last five."- pg. 43

This quote contains personification, as Alex used this to enhance the meaning of him looking at the squad leader. The author gave his eyes personification. Falling is a human action, and eyes can't fall. Alex gave his eyes this personification so that the reader can understand that he glanced at the squad leader fast. The personification also makes the reading more interesting, as it is more amusing and creative for the reader not to get bored.
"During the storms the snow was as fine as dust but the drifts were as firm as ice."- pg. 50

This simile is used to demonstrate how fine the snow is, and how firm the drifts were. Without this simile, the reader wouldn't be able to understand how fine it is, or how firm it is. If Alex only says the object is hard, the reader might think variations of things and shapes. With a simile, the reader can clearly imagine how the object feels like or looks like.
"'H'm,' said Tiurin, looking around." pg. 51

This line demonstrates an onomatopeia because "H'm" represents a sound made by Tiurin. This gives the reader the sensation of being in the middle of the conversation, as people make sounds like that when they are talking.


  1. Marina,
    I liked all the quotes you choose, I thought they were all very good. I liked how you connected the quotes with a literary device, it made me think of the quote in a different way. I think that next time you should add more about what the quotes significance is, in the book. But, overall I thought your post was very good.

  2. Marina, I really liked the quotes from the book that you chose, and I thought that they way you explained them, were very well said. The images that you chose really gave infases to your topics and helped the reader move along. Great post, overall and thanks for pushing my thinking forward.

  3. Marina,

    I enjoyed your post. You explained all of the excerpts from the novel we're all reading, specifically, the literary devices used, in a way that made the post intriguing and all in all, turned it into an enjoyable read. However, I feel obliged to point out that I believe that your post is more of a Word Whisperer one than a Line Illuminator one, since the job of the Word Whisperer is to explain the literary devices in excerpts of the book. So just keep that in mind for next time.

  4. Marina,

    Your post shows great description between the lines and what type of Literary Term they were. My only concern is that I think you accidentally confused Word Whisperer and Line Illuminator. Your post shows different passages from the book, and shows great depth between comparing the lines to others.

    Overall, excellent post! - Sophia