Sunday, May 17, 2015

Literary Analysis - Ivanna Hidalgo

Ivanna Hidalgo
One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovoich by Alexander Solzhenitsyn
Week #5 - Literary Analysis
Pages 134-167
To start of with, One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich is in chronological order since this book only represents one day in the life of Shukhov (Ivan). In other words, the book doesn't move back and forth between past and present. Secondly, caused to the reason that this book is only expressing one day, there are major details in experiences, opinions, and feelings Ivan had. Further, when something important occurs, Alexander Solzhenitsyn or the narrator expresses from Shukhov's point of view. However, it's hard to tell when Ivan Denisovich is talking and when Alexander Solzhenitsyn is, caused to his narrative technique, called free indirect discourse. In detail, free indirect discourse is a way of writing in which the narrator speaks in third person but shares a character’s private thoughts. As a deeper explanation, the character does not talk, yet the narrator communicates the character's thoughts. An example from the book takes place on page 41, "Writing letters now was like throwing stones into a bottomless pool. They sank without a trace. No point in telling the family which gang you worked in and what your foreman, Andrei Prokofyevich Tyurin, was like. Nowadays you had more to say to Kildigs, the Latvian, than to the folks at home." It explains how Ivan feels, but nothing proves that he is saying it.

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Moreover, Alexander Solzhenitsyn might not have chosen to write in free indirect course for a specific reason, but as one sees it, it is just as if there were two brains. In addition, one thinks there are two brains because one person is expressing, but there are two people speaking. In conclusion, this type of writing influences us readers to think diversely and to expand more of what we do not read often.


  1. Ivanna,
    I thought that your post was good. Except you should add pictures because it helps us understand the post and book better. I also think you should consider adding more quotes from the book.

  2. Ivanna,
    I thought your post was very insightful. Your explanation was very clear, and your evidence from the book really helped the audience move along with your thinking. You usually tend to write a lot and with a tremendous amount of good quality, maybe you should add an additional image only to make your post even more insightful. Your writing part is great, however your visual, is a little lacking.
    Great writing though! ;)