Sunday, May 17, 2015

Literary Analysis; Julianna Mello

In this post I would like to talk about Ivan's character, the way he determines things is very interesting. In a way he helps others when it comes to better judgement but always puts himself first in a non-selfish way. This is what helps me connect with the book. Most documents we read this year had stories that we could personally never relate to, but when it comes to characters you will always see yourself in one of them. I love the way Alexander Solzhenitsyn wrote through the present eyes of the protagonist instead of through past experience. I loved exploring One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich, it gave me the opportunity to live a life I wouldn't want through words.

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  1. Julie,

    I loved you form of expression in this post. A point that I wanted to talk about is why you like this book so much? I know it's because it gave you the opportunity to live a life that you wouldn't want through words, yet I don't quite understand how. For example, I liked this book because it showed a form of expressing what Alexander Solzhenitsyn felt when he was in the labor camp. Finally, I would like to ask, how did the point of view of this book affect the way readers understood it?