Sunday, August 24, 2014

Line Illuminator - Bethany Gardner

Page 5, paragraph 2, line 2. 
     " The ones that don't make it are those who lick other men's leftovers, those who count on the doctors to pull them through, and those who squeal on their buddies. "     
     To begin with, I think this quote has three separate meanings. Overall, the quote is telling us that many people manage to live in different ways. In my opinion, the first part of the quote, " The ones that don't make it, are those who lick others men's leftovers..." this quote means that there is some people who struggle, and others who don't. Some people don't go as far and just wait for something to happen. 
     Also, I think that this quote means that people rely too much on others. For example, in the quote it says " ... those who count on the doctors to pull them through... " I think that it is trying to prove that we rely way too much on others and soon it will effect us. That we should all rely on ourselves and what’s around us. You have the responsibility to count on yourself; no one has the responsibility to count on you. 
     Other than that, the third part, " ... and those who squeal on their buddies. " For me, that means that there is a third group of people that will just rat you out. They are fake friends and in a time of danger or fear, they will just push you away and forget you forever. 

     I think that this image supports the first part of the quote because it shows a bunch of people in the background that are all happy. She looks like she is waiting for something to happen. Also, she is not doing anything about what’s happening, only waiting and standing there.   

     This image connects strongly with the third group of people (3rd part of the quote) because it is showing one friend stabbing the other. A fake friend can hurt you whenever she or he wants. She will push you away when something bad happened, or something better has appeared.  
Page 20, paragraph 1, sentence 1.  
     " Well, Nikolai Semyonich, it's like this... I'm feeling sort of... rotten..."       This quote means to me that the person that said this, it not feeling the same. She might be feeling sick or maybe even old. Many people might also feel " rotten " because they are being different. They might be acting in a different way, or they have gained a different characteristic from someone. For me, this quote means that you are invaluable. You feel that no one wants you anymore, or that your time is up. As if no one cares for you. 

     This image connects to the quote I mentioned because from the outside, the banana looks pretty and amazing, but inside, it’s dying. Inside is rotting, although from the outside, which we see, it looks healthy and amazing. We see someone’s appearance, but we have no idea what’s under. We don’t know how they are feeling and how they are. 

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  1. Hello Bethany !
    The first quote is very interesting. I agree , this quote has three sides to it. The first one , refers to the idea that some people survive and some don't. Some find their way , they find strategies and techniques that will help them stay alive in the camp. But there are some that just can't , they struggle and have difficulty. I found the part of the phrase where it says " those who lick other men's leftovers " very important to the quote. It refers to the fact that some struggle but find a way of surviving , which includes help from other people. This connects to the second part of the quote which also involves help from others , the doctors. Faking sickness or hoping your sickness gets you the right to not have to work is something some prisoners want. They rely on the doctors to survive. The third part refers to the opposite of the second part. Sometimes you just can't count on others and you will have to work it out by yourself.

    I as well agree that the second quote means that Shukhov is feeling different. He feels sick and tired. He feels " rotten " as stated in the quote. He feel's depressed and not like working.
    Do you agree that everyone sometimes can feel " rotten " as well ? And what kind of person do you think Shukhov is ? The one that relies on others or the one that can survive by himself ?

    - Great Post