Sunday, August 24, 2014

Word Whisperer - Caroline Lopes

5 examples of Stylistic Techniques that I found in the book were between pages.5-15. The author uses two personification sentence in the section I read in the book. The first one is on (page.5) that said "He couldn't see but his ears told him everything going on in the barrack room and specially in the corner his squad occupied." When the character says that his ears told him it means that he was listening to the room. I think it didn't affect the story but the reader might wonder what is going to happen next in the story. The second personification in the section is on (page.9) that said "With the snow creaking under their boots, the prisoners hurried away, each on his own business, some to the parcels office..." The meaning of this stylistic devise is to show that there was a lot of snow and the snow was thick on the point that the snow creaks when you step on it. The snow effects the story by showing that it is hard to be a prisoner because even in the snow they have to work.

The third stylistic technique that the author used was Hyperbole on (page.6) when it said "After all, he did feel as though every limb was out of his joint." It shows an exaggeration that the author wanted to show how the character was felling awful that he felt like his bones was out of their place because he felt so much place. It affects the story because the main character is sick and with pain and it makes you want to read more of the book to see what happened to him and what will the camp react for a prisoner being hurt.

The fourth stylistic technique in this section is a flashback. In the text on (page.12) it says "there'd been times when he'd gone through the winter without valenki at all..." The meaning of this sentence is to also show that being a prisoner was hard and sometimes in the winter you weren't worm.

The last stylistic technique I found in this section was on (page.15) wene the author repeats the words "Splash, Splash!" It shows the food that he is going to eat. I think that it doesn't make any effect on the story or the reader.

My first image is Valenki on the snow because that is what they had to wear on the snow storms and the prisoner had to work with them ( image site )

My second image is a limb out of place because it shows how it is, because I didn't know what it meant until I saw this image.  ( image site )


  1. Caroline,

    I can connect you post with me because I as also a Word Whisperer and I can see that there were other stylistic techniques that I did not find and you did.

  2. Caroline
    Your post is very interesting. I like how you found different examples for the different kinds of stylistic techniques: personification, repetion, hyperbole, and flashback.
    I agree with your ideas because I think that they match your concepts and you examples.
    Overall, good post!

  3. Caroline,

    I think you did a very good job in you post. The techniques that you chose were personification, hyperbole, flashback, and repetition. I agree with you because the author does use these examples of stylistics techniques. I think that when you put the quotes it really supported your ideas.