Sunday, September 14, 2014

Connection captain Jason Hyun

       Through out this section of this book I realized that Shukhov's life is as my mom or dad thinking that I am up to something and having a suspicion on me like the guards in the gulags who are harsh and strict. And once when I was coming back to Brazil from 
Korea a guard from the airport has once stopped me because he thought that I was carrying a gun when I was just keeping my hands inside my pocket. 

        Moreover I think that I can connect the part of the book where Shukhov has a  hard time surviving inside the camp and being sick. I can connect that aspect of life with my life in my test period in Korea. It felt like that I was actually being tortured and suffocated by all my worries and responsibilities. 

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  1. Jason,
    I thought it was interesting how instead of comparing it to books, movies, or TV series, that you connected it to your life. To make an even better blog post, though, you could have put a little more details. Where you mad that the guards decided to search you? How did the harsh tests get you sick? Was it the lack of sleep and the constant pressure? Overall though, I liked your train of thought and how you decided to connect the book to specific moments in your life.

  2. I think that your post really connected, on how both the the guards of the Gulag, and the police, they both have to be very careful and they both have to pay attention, and they can't let nobody with illegal things pass. I would connect with a babysitter, because the guards basically have to take care of the prisoners, so they don't do anything wrong and do what they are supposed to do.

  3. Jason,
    I like how you connected the story to your experience. I have been stopped sometimes also in the police because I lived in Miami for two years and they thought that I was "suspicious". It is amazing how people just think about you int the appearance and that they can interpret anything anyway they want to. I know how it feels and it definitely feels a bit scary. I think that you should have included some of your emotions in the post so that you could compare it to how you thought the prisoners would feel in the gulag. I think that your post would be more unique. Although, for what you wrote I think that you post was very good, just needed a little bit more of information.