Sunday, September 14, 2014

Connection Captain- Jorge Lopez

A Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich

Author: Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Rotation #4

Connection Captain

Pages: 106 – 133

Throughout the book, I found many things that have happened in my life too. On the book, they explain how various times the guards check you, to see if you are carrying anything illegal. Of course, that is normal, and that is the reason they are guards. Everybody who has traveled at least once, has been checked by a guard, or by the machine that checks our body. Although this might not be a unique thing, this has happened to me countless times.                            

Continuing, Alexander really mentioned the theme of survival. In the book they describe how it is cold, and how it is easy to get sick. They also describe the way that they are rigid with the food. This has happened to me when I was a little bit younger. My friends and I headed off to a jungle, and eventually we got lost. We past a night in the jungle, until the following day our parents found us. In that "adventure" we were very rigid on how we were going to split the snacks we had, and the drinks. bare grills.jpeg

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