Sunday, September 14, 2014

Illustrious Artist Blogpost Juho Kim

Blogpost 4

pg 106- 133

I chose this picture because this was a part where the Russians made some mistakes. It says "They counted 462, it ought to be 463. It shows a part where someone goes missing, or they counted wrong. Later it says someone goes missing due to counting many times. It was the mistake of the gulag camps. I find it the only part where they made a mistake of losing someone in camp. They probably got out luckily. I find it interesting, of showing a big mistake of losing a prisoner from their own camp. It shows they aren't perfect, they are humans, too. In the concentration camp in Auschwitz, almost none got out of the camp, with millions of people. But here out of 463, one got out and probably went back. It's interesting to find out someone could survive escaping camp.

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