Sunday, September 14, 2014

Illustrious Artist - Isa F.

Book: One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich

Author: Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Job: Illustrious Artist

Pages 106 - 133

I have chosen to make a drawing on a question frequently repeated over and over again. People are constantly referring to the fact that the prisoners eat very little food. They are served a very small amount every meal which may lead up to one meal for our daily population here in Brasil. students keep saying how it is unfair that the people who have done wrong are being punished. I know it may be a little bit extreme that their food gets cut short, but come on. These people have done wrong and bad things to others and themselves. They are in prison for what, a holiday? No, they are in prison for realizing what they have done wrong. Here is a picture comparing what they would eat back then in Siberian Labor camp, and now:  

Food for these people are more important than anything. Most of them depend on the food they are going to get for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. If they get all these meals. The prisoners are constantly thinking about how much, when, or what they will get for there meals. When Alexander Solzhenitsyn writes about the idea of food, it shows with words how much of a problem it is. He explains how hard it is to survive without a sufficient amount of food, comparing to the work they do day by day. 


  1. Isa great post!
    I think that your drawing was really good for better understanding of the shortage of food. I agree with you that the prisoners are not in prison for a "holiday". They are there to learn a lesson of what they did wrong. I agree with you that the prisoners should be punished because they are in prison so they must have done something wrong. Although, I think that cutting food is not a way to punish them because every person should get to eat correctly. I have already said this before in my previous posts, and comments but I think that by giving proper food to the prisoners they are only benefitting them but also the authorities. The prisoners will be stronger and have more power to do their jobs. Your drawing was great it made it a more clear way to see how much less the prisoners got to eat than an average person.

  2. Hello Isa !
    I agree with you, this idea that prisoners get a small amount of food has been a huge topic being pointed in this blog's posts and comments, even I made a blogpost about this. I agree, the prisoners have done something wrong but there are also some innocent prisoners. Criminal or innocent, being healthy is important. It's surprising how prisoners could work more than 10 hours a day! In my opinion, hard work deserves a decent reward. I'm not saying criminals should get a prize but at least be given a proper amount of food. Food for prisoners is like money for kids.

    ( Image: )

    I like your comparison between the prisoners and average people nowadays. In my opinion, there is a big difference unfair. I agree with everyone that says Gulag Camps were harsh and unfair. Even though there are criminals and have done something, there are limits, in my opinion Gulag Camps go over the limits.

    Do you agree ? Besides food, what other things are unfair in your opinion?

    Great Post ! Great Job!