Sunday, September 14, 2014

Illustrious Artist- Owain

         I chose this picture because Shukhov  is quite sad because he didn't get a parcel, and one of his gang members asks him to bring supper for him. Every single prisoner in the camp is getting a parcels from their family, wife, girlfriend, friend, brother, or sister. But Shukhov gets nothing every single time parcels are being sent out to the prisoners, and  every time the parcels do get sent out Shukhov hopes that  somebody will come shouting his name to get his parcel. But no one comes, and that breaks his heart. It breaks his heart because every body is getting something that they will enjoy for a bit, like sugar for tea, butter for bread those types of things. And Shukhov gets no of that and he is al ready suffering, but then one of his friends comes and asks Shukhov if he can bring him some supper even though it's against the rules. Then Shukhov's heart starts to feel better, he starts to feel happier, and he thanks his friend.
        This part stood out to me because it show us how we can help others feel better even if they have nothing, or are having a bad day. The image shows a man helping another man get up onto his feet, and it also shows how helping one another can make a change in the person or in life. In conclusion helping one another can make people feel happier and change you.


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  1. Hey Owain !
    I like how you decided to choose this topic. I agree, even though Gulag Camps are full of criminals that have done something wrong, they can change. The prisoners can become better people and start doing good stuff instead of bad stuff. Because they have changed , they might miss there family or friends more, than they used to. They might care more about them.

    The fact that everybody gets a parcel and not him , might depress Shukov. Every time someone else gets a parcel and he doesn't , he hopes someday he will get one. Shukov actually asks his friend if he wants him to bring him supper , not the other way around. Taking that in mind , I think Shukov tried to be nice and try to feel better.

    I like how you connected this with; sugar for tea and butter for bread.

    Do you think there are other people like Shukov ? Are there other people that miss there family, friends, etc., and don't get parcels ? If yes , do you think this is because the prisoners' family or friends can't send them or because they don't want to send them ? Do you think the prisoners are missed by their relatives ?

    Great Job ! Great Post !