Saturday, September 6, 2014

Illustrious Artist - Jorge Ribeiro

On the section for this week, there was one thing that really stood out. It was the idea of hardworking. I chose this hammer to represent the hard work, because Ivan's group is in charge to work on the mortars, and it is in the Russian cold, so they have to keep on working on a very cold temperature, without barely eating food. This shows that the life in the Gulag was hard, because despite the fact that you are in prison, you have to do hard working out in the cold. These people would have to get out there and work hard, which in this case, would be working on a mortar, and this hard work can take people's lives, not only because of the cold, but because they also barely get food, they are practically starving. And this was one of the biggest problems that occurred during this section read, which all this shows tat life was not easy at a Gulag, no matter how much advantage you took from things, in the end it was all hard.


  1. Good post Jorge,
    I think that your post is really thoughtful!
    I agree with you that in the gulag they work really hard. They have to work every day all of the time. They have to work really hard because they are forced to do what the authorities tell them to or else their time in the gulag can be extended. I think that they having to work on the freezing cold that can kill them is an absurd. The authorities should at least have some consideration for the prisoners life. Next time that you have this role I think that you should be more creative and draw, or create you own image. I think that that would bring more creativity and more originality to your post.
    Otherwise, great job.

  2. Jorge,

    Great idea you had! This post made me reflect on my own post because they have similar topics.

    To start with, you stated that the hammer was the symbol you wanted to use because it shows the hard work. Furthermore, you said that the hammer shows the restless hours the prisoners had to bare outside, with the cold weather bothering them.

    In my opinion, I have to agree with your idea. When you first see a picture of a hammer, the first thing that comes to your mind is that the hammer is a tool for working (smashing). The reason we all think the same is because the hammer is one of the most famous tools, since it can help you build almost anything, such as doors, chairs, and infinite more. Now, let's go into further detail. I think the hammer represents "hardworking" for the prisoners because they use it. Like I said in my post, prisoners use hammers to break rocks into pieces, and that is tough work. If hammer means tough work to prisoners, then this tool in general must mean tough work.

    Another reason I think the hammer shows "hard working" for prisoners, is because it is dangerous. If, for example, someone uses the hammer to smash someone else (very rare to happen), the person hit will be sent to the hospital, and it will take work to repair what happened. Now, this shows hard work because the person hit with the hammer has to work hard to get his body repaired, showing not only it is hard work, but also that it is dangerous. Adding on, looking at the dangerousness of the hammer, the Gulag is dangerous since if you do something wrong, the authorities might make you stay more days, which is horrible.

    Overall, the hammer connects to the story well, since both are dangerous and both show working hard.