Friday, September 5, 2014

Joshua Ahn - Illustrious Artist

This photograph represents our everyday life. When we just don't want to wake up to go to school. It happened like this, my dad calling me to eat breakfast while i was still asleep. I woke up, really late i went to eat breakfast. I was really angry to my dad, because he had waken me up. It didn't make sense but it was just how it happened. We rushed to the car to not get late to school and we went. But right at the moment we crashed the car. And if i had woken up earlier this wouldn't have happened. It was very unpleasant, and i was really unlucky. At this day i had 3 major assessment, which was final exams day. And i was not able to go there. So i had to retake and a whole bunch of other things had to be moved and it wasn’t very fun.
This also happened to Shukhov, when he woke up late and he was punished and his sentence was to be in a hole for 3 days. But he was lucky, he just washed the floor, which was way better than stay in a hole for 3 days.

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