Sunday, September 28, 2014

Question Commander

As through the end of the book I have found questions which I wanted to know and do.

Q1: During the end I was thinking who really was the threat to all, who were the main villains?

A:  I think it is the government who were the problems there. They have threatened the citizens and made them go to gulag camps or get killed for cursing someone. This happens everywhere we are. So should we all get killed? I think no, there might be a problem with the government so there might be a reason to do it. Be sure to remember, there is no perfect in this world. So we really have to be careful of what we do to the people we rule. Unless, you might turn in to Louis the 16th. There is always a way to untangle a rope without cutting it off. This is a quote by the past president Ronald Reagan. I agree because even though they say the government is good, they can't get rid of the temptation about the money. So I agree with this quote.

Q2: People who are in camps must have a reason to be in there, but should they be forced to do all these hard work?

A: The answer is no. They shouldn't. People might have to do something to help the government because they have made it like this, but not too much. We are not machines, we are living things with limited strength and limited fitness. So we have a limited amount of work we can do, if we over do this, we have to be very careful about it. In the gulag camps the people don't know other people's limit, so they are forced to do more than there body can hold on to. So that is why people die out in gulag camps or attend to escape. If it was like jail with limited amount of work like these days, why would they try escaping unless you have to stay there for a long time of period? So they should never be forced to do anything more than the body can maintain. These pictures are for how the people might have worked and how they would feel. This might not be the best way for solution

hard work 

Q3: How does the government think the camps would change the people?               exhausted

A: This is my thoughts but I think of 2 possibilities of this happening. The first thought is that they have made a crime against the country so working it for it harshly will remind you why you are born here. It was to help people, not kill or curse. So they think over working will change thoughts and regret what they have done. To make them a service of this country, not a prisoner. To make them think themselves as a service not a criminal.
My second thought is probably to make them stay there for a long time to change their body and thoughts. They have a reason to be their. So by changing what they think by making them a service might change their thoughts about Stalin. The camps were to change them their thoughts as jobs and who they work for was the company "Stalin." This might have changed what they thought. But sadly, it didn't apply to most people. There is no real evidence of why Stalin thought the camps would change their mind. But he tried a way to change them because he wanted the whole country to be his, not many other people like democracy. This picture is meant to change a persons mind. The "brain guys mind" is being changed by a squad leader.

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  1. ok ㅈㅎ ㅂㅁ I think that the answer for your first question is actually REALLY 릴리 good because the answer is actually very realistic because we all know that sometimes our government lies to us. Therefore, I assume that your answer is correct.