Sunday, September 28, 2014

Illustrious Artist - Ji Won Jung

I made this illustration on photoshop after thinking of this passage in page 141: "Now that he could look freely he glanced at his neighbours' bowls. The one on his left was little more than water." Obviously, Shukhov took a peek at the other bowls to see if anybody left some food on their bowls. I could connect it with real life. In this case, Shukhov wanted more food for survival, but nowadays we need money but we also want more money for wealth. But it seems like we also need it for survival. We need money to obtain the basic needs of survival. I think that the author might be trying to share the thought of greediness; when it can be considered as necessary: survival or self-satisfaction. 

In this image, I tried to give the impression that both characters are trying to protect their wealth with their elbows yet stare at other's wealth due to greed. Also, I included a reference to Les Miserables in the prisoner suit.

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