Sunday, September 28, 2014


What was happening with the government at the time?:

Well first of all the economy was very bad because you literally needed a wheelbarrow full of rubbles to buy one loaf of bread. That was because the government wanted to pay off their war debts but instead of taxing people which they did they also printed tons of money out to pay the repairs in turn making the money become worthless. basically before all of the that the Czar were in power and ruled over the Russian empire which in turn got overthrown by the Social Democratic Labour Party which in turn got another revolution started by Vladimir Lenin and he established the Russian Socialist Federative Soviet Republic in 1936. But Stalin started political paranoia and started mass locking locking up random people basically in fear of being overthrown. and this paranoia casued these stories of the gulags and facts we see today.

Just in my thoughts i wanted tot express how i felt this time period was such a crazy thing because at this time peoples lives were being treated like dust being brushed away, and basically every form of mass death cause by missile and guns were legal. Just the human race got to an all time low.

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