Sunday, October 12, 2014

Illustrious Artist: Gabi (Week 1)

I created this image because it corresponds to this quote: 
"Here, men, we live by the law of the taiga. But even here people manage to live. The ones that don't make it are those who lick other
men's leftovers, those who count on the doctors to pull them through, and those who squeal on their buddies.' As for squealers, he was wrong there. Those people were sure to get through camp all right..."

I thought it was important to pay close attention to this quote because I think it gives the reader an idea of how the character, Sbukov, will act and react to certain things that will happen throughout the story. I think this is his major belief and his survival guide. If it weren't for it, he would've been long past dead. I assume that people who lick the leftovers from another man's plate, are the ones who feel belittled. They don't believe that they can survive without help, especially of the doctors. As a consequence, those people struggle to survive on their own as they rely on others.
Overall, while judging Sbukov's actions, I think it's essential to keep this quote in mind as he will do everything in his power to survive based on his beliefs and guidelines.

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  1. Gabi!

    What a great image you created!

    I truly believe that you were definitely able to transform words from the book into an image. It is interesting how you chose to portray this idea of what it means to be successful. To us today, it means something different to each and every one of us but to the prisoners, or you rise to the occasion and squeal on their buddies, or you fail and lick other man's leftovers.

    Thank you for pushing my thinking foreword,