Sunday, October 26, 2014

One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich - Week #3

One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich - Week #3by: Mathaus Silva

Formal vs Informal

       In the beginning of the book, I found myself in a really confused spot. I constantly had to go back and forth on my reading in order to understand the book. Mainly because the same character has two different names. The worst part is that he's the main character, so that just confused me. Thankfully, one of my classmates told me that "Shukhov" and "Ivan Denisovich" was the same person. I'm happy he told me because I understood the book better, but I'm sad I didn't discovered it myself. After finding out about that, I had the curiosity to search up why on google. I looked through diverse sites and found different answers. Some say that people call other people with 2 names because one of them is a nickname or a surname. But the answer I found that I thought it was the most relevant was that one is formal, and the other is informal. For example, students call teachers with Mr. and Ms. / Mrs. in front of their last name; or in Portuguese, "Dona" or "Professor". It's basically a show of respect. When it's informal, you may call him or her by it's first name. 


  1. Mathaus,

    Great job on your post. You gave the reader a lot of detail about the name situation. However, I am not sure which one of the questions you were answering. You could have added on or used the information you have to answer one of the questions. This would bring a new meaning to the post and also make it more interesting for your reader.


  2. I really liked what you did. I think that next time you should add a little more information about that topic. I think it was a very good idea to answer that question, because I also, got confused in the beginning of the book when they used does two names. I think that you should also add one more picture, because then it is easier for us readers to understand better. Overall, good job.