Sunday, October 26, 2014

Question Commander: Gabi R.

1) What what can we conclude from Buynovsky's joke? 
["Since then it’s been decreed that the sun is highest at one o’clock.”]
We can conclude that the Soviet Union is really powerful since as Buynovsky joked, they can even change the laws of nature. The Soviet Union authorities are superior to anyone else. As Shukhov also said that they can do anything that they want. So, Shukhov is not able to determine if he will actually leave the camp when he is supposed. He is also conscious that they can decide to keep him in the camp for a longer time.

In this picture we can clearly see how the Soviet Union is powerful in comparison to anyone else. The citizens are even bowing before the "great and powerful Soviet Union."

2) How do you feel towards prisoners in a labor camp?
I feel sorrow for the prisoners at the camp since all they do is work. They have no freedom and lack their basic necessities, such as food and sleep. Most of the guards at the camp are extremely strict and do not accept any type of mistake. I think I wouldn't survive if I was a prisoner, as it is a extremely tough life.

Above is a picture of the prisoners in a labor camp working.

3) Do you think Shukhov will stay longer in the camp?
I honestly have no idea since the Soviet Union authorities can do what ever they want. I think it would be very interesting if he stayed longer. I also believe it wouldn't really make a big difference for him if he left because he left everything in the past. I assumed that since Shukhov does not count down the days to leave the camp. There was also a part when he said he had more to talk with his gang than with his wife. Overall, I think he will probably stay longer since the author is giving small clues that he doesn't mind staying in the camp.
If by any chance he leaves before the book ends, I want to know what he will do from that point.

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