Sunday, October 26, 2014

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A Day in a Life of Ivan Denisovish Antonio f.

 Imagery-page (79), I found "The sun, coming in through the icy windowpanes, played gaily in the room, not angrily as it did at the power station; and, spreading across the broad sunbeam, the smoke of Tsezar's pipe looked like the incense in church." As you can see this part of the book represents imagery, because imagery means to use figurative language to represent objects, actions and ideas in such a way that it appeals to our physical senses, according to the Literary devices site. This imagery sentenced is used in the book making the reader feel like they are in the book, that they were a character. The character of the book uses this sentence, when he is describing what he is seeing. I chose this picture to represent how beautiful what the character saw.

Simile-page (79) Also, When I looked again to the same page I found a simile that was"The office was as hot as a Turkish bath, it seemed to Shukov." A simile is when you compare something using like or as, and in the book, When it says the office was as hot as a Turkish bath, it is comparing the office to a Turkish bath that is something that gets hot. A simile helps the reader understand what the author is talking about, and also, it helps the book look richer and helps everyone to understand the contact. I chose this picture to represent how hot it looked and also, to show everyone what a Turkish bath looked like.
Russian & Turkish Baths
Personification-page(90-91) In page 90-91 I found this quote “Why can't you understand? The stars fall down now and then. The gaps have to be filled.” I think that a personification, is when you use human quality to represent an object that doesn’t have human quality, for example when it says the stars are falling down, it is a personification because stars don`t really fall. Personification helps the reader to get a better view of what the character is thinking or saying. I chose a shooting star in the picture to make the people think that the star is really falling down and also, in the book when he says that sentence what he really means is that lots of people are getting enslaved and getting really bad punishments.

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