Monday, October 27, 2014

Rotation #3 - Illustrious Artist - Chloé C.

I chose this image because it represents so far Ivan's life in prison. He always has to do everything he is told or else he has to be punished. If he doesn't wake up and get ready by the time he is told he has to either work harder than everyone else or just don't at all, which was the worst of the punishments.



  1. Chloé,

    I truly think that your image/illustration represents the idea of Ivan's life in prison because after all, he has no choice. One thing that shocked me in this chapter was when the prisoners were ordered to have a second body check in such a cold temperature. This action was actually against the rules, meaning that the security/guards also violates the camp's policies. Something else that interested me was that the prisoners have no human rights, or freedom of speech. Everything has to be determined for them. They aren't even allowed to miss a day of work when they are extremely sick. In conclusion, I do agree with you statement presented by the image/illustration.

    Thank you,

  2. Chloé, the image you chose is good, however your explanation as to why you chose it could be improved. Also, I thought the image needed to be made by you, not chosen from the internet. Since you chose one from the internet, maybe you could have chosen two. I think the image makes sense though, and I agree that it describes Ivan's life.